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Premium gnocchi, made in Noosa, that will keep your customers coming back for more

Since 2013, Noosa Gnocchi have been crafting beautiful organic gnocchi right here in Noosa.

At Noosa Gnocchi, we hand-make our products from organic, local ingredients, so you can offer your customers authentic, mouth-watering gnocchi to eat at home.

Making great gnocchi is an art that can takes years to perfect. Most commercially available gnocchi are mass produced, which explains why they lack the delicate flavour and melt-in-your-mouth texture of home-made gnocchi.

Your customers come to you for unique, lovingly crafted products to create delicious meals for friends and family. As a hand-made product created from the finest local organic ingredients, Noosa Gnocchi is a customer favourite.

Many return for more week after week and Noosa Gnocchi consistently flies out of the fridge. At Kunara, for example, a delivery of Noosa Gnocchi is usually sold out within a couple of days.

Gnocchi is a nourishing and traditional favourite that’s perfect for:

  • Wowing your guests at dinner parties
  • Loading up on healthy, wholesome carbs before sports or athletic events
  • Delicious and healthy family meals
  • Serving drizzled with butter as a canapé
  • Sharing with friends and loved ones
  • Serving with a nutritious and tasty sauce
  • Antipasto platters.

Noosa Gnocchi is hand-made in our commercial kitchen at Noosaville. After cooking, the gnocchi are lightly coated with local organic oil, snap frozen and vacuum sealed – ready for delivery direct to your door.

Your customers will love the silky-smooth texture and delectable flavours. At home, Noosa Gnocchi can be pan fried or baked in the oven. Our process ensures our gnocchi are just the right texture for easy meal prep.

They come in a range of delicious flavours, including gluten free options.

People travel from across Australia and New Zealand to purchase Noosa Gnocchi. Why not make it available to your customers, too?

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From local, organic ingredients to a mouth-watering served dish, here’s how we make
the best gnocchi in Noosa

Our premium quality, hand-made gnocchi is crafted using a precise process Noosa Gnocchi have perfected over years of experience.

It starts with sourcing organically grown ingredients, including potato, sweet potato and pumpkin, from local producers in areas such as Gatton and Eumundi.

Next, we peel and cook them at just the right temperature so they don’t absorb too much moisture. After pushing them through a ricer, we add organic flour and Himalayan salt, ensuring the ideal texture for a dough that’s not too wet or dry.

Then the dough is expertly rolled and hand-cut into bite-sized pieces. We cook then chill the gnocchi at precise temperatures to ensure they won’t fall apart or melt when you cook them at home.

Finally, the gnocchi are given a light coating of organic olive oil, before being vacuum sealed and snap frozen ready for delivery straight to your store.

The magic happens in our commercial kitchen in Rene St, Noosaville, overseen by Noosa Gnocchi’s Filip Gubicza. His hand-picked team are dedicated to crafting gnocchi that will keep your customers coming back for more.

For Filip, food is about nourishing body and spirit while spending quality time with friends and family. He stands by his product and is so confident you’ll love Noosa Gnocchi that he offers a 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Since 2013, Filip has been proud to share his hand-made gnocchi with local restaurants, food retailers, and visitors to the Noosa Farmers Market.

People come from Melbourne, Tasmania, Perth and New Zealand for Noosa Gnocchi, but for local food retailers, it’s just a delivery away.

Our full product-range – if you fancy yourself a gnocchi connoisseur, you got to try them all

Classic Gnocchi

Organic Potato Gnocchi

Dutch Cream Potato* (74%), wheat flour*, Obi Obi olive oil*, Himalayan salt, brown rice flour*

300g (serves 2)
600g (serves 4)

Organic Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Dutch cream potato*(36%), Sweet potato*(36%), wheat flour*, Obi Obi olive oil*, Himalayan salt, brown rice flour*

300g (serves 2)
600g (serves 4)

Spiced Pumpkin Gnocchi

Dutch cream potato*(36%), pumpkin*(36%), wheat flour*, turmeric*, nutmeg, pepper, Obi Obi olive oil*, Himalayan salt, brown rice flour*

300g (serves 2)
600g (serves 4)

Green Pea & Ricotta Gnocchi

Dutch cream potato*, peas( 24%), ricotta (23%), Obi Obi olive oil*, Himalayan salt, brown rice flour*

300g (serves 2)
600g (serves 4)

Gluten Free Gnocchi

Gluten Free Organic Potato Gnocchi

Dutch cream potato*(72%), potato starch*, brown rice flour*, Obi Obi olive oil*, Himalayan salt

300g (serves 2)
600g (serves 4)

Gluten Free Organic Sweet Potato Gnocchi

Dutch cream potato*(36%), Sweet potato*(36%), wheat flour*, Obi Obi olive oil*, Himalayan salt, brown rice flour*

300g (serves 2)
600g (serves 4)

Gluten Free Organic Beetroot Gnocchi

Dutch cream potato*(49%), beetroot*(25%), potato starch*, brown rice flour*, Obi Obi olive oil, Himalayan salt

300g (serves 2)
600g (serves 4)

Flavoured Butters and Sauces

Burnt Butter & Sage

Organic grass fed butter, toasted fresh sage.

50g (serves 4)

Mushroom & Black Truffle Butter

Grass fed organic butter, cooked mushrooms (7%), La Tourangelle black truffle oil (5%)

50g (serves 4)

Chunky Napoli Sauce

Italian tomatoes, white wine, red wine, red onions, celery, carrots, Obi Obi olive oil, balsamic, garlic, fresh and dried herbs, raw sugar, pepper, salt.

300g (serves 2-4)

Mushroom Rose

Mushrooms, Napoli (tomatoes, wine, onions, celery, carrots, Obi Obi olive oil, balsamic, garlic, organic raw sugar fresh and dried herbs, pepper, salt), cream, parmesan, cayenne pepper.

300g (serves 4)

Why choose Noosa Gnocchi for your store?

Noosa Gnocchi is your first choice for fresh, home-made, organic gnocchi. Here’s why:

1. It looks great on the shelf

Noosa Gnocchi comes in a clear plastic bag which makes it easy for customers to see the product. You eat with your eyes, and your customers will soon be imagining the delectable flavour and light, fluffy texture of authentic, hand-made gnocchi.

2. Compact and space efficient

Our vacuum-sealed bags are designed to sit neatly on your shelves and don’t require a lot of space. Offer a premium quality product without the bulky packaging.

3. Bring in more customers

People travel from across Australia to buy Noosa Gnocchi and our retailers regularly sell out. Your customers and your business will benefit from stocking our product.

4. Add value

Do you sell fruit, vegetables, meat or cheeses? Our gnocchi are ideal for people making their own sauces, antipasto platters or share plates. Add even more value with our range of delicious, home-made sauces – the perfect companions for a nourishing, wholesome, fuss-free meal.

5. Satisfaction guaranteed

We’re so certain you’ll be satisfied with our gnocchi that we stand by it 100 percent. If you’re not totally happy with our product, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

6. Variety

We offer a range of nutritious, organic products, including gluten free options.

Here’s what local Noosa food stores have to say about our gnocchi

Love love love your gluten free gnocchi. We don’t live in the region but whenever we are on holidays nearby, our family always make an effort to visit the Noosa Farmer Markets just to buy your delish products.

Erin Robertson

Facebook Review

“Hand Cut Deli gnocchi and condiments taste great. They are produced by great people with a passion for good real food. Its healthy, convenient and gourmet.”

Sean Conlan

Facebook Review

Taste..texture beautiful. Buy every week. Particularly the sweet potato one as my partner doesnt eat potato. Rose sauce delucious..truffle butter and b burnt sage butter all yummy.

Sonja Leck

Facebook Review

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