Noosa Gnocchi | Premium gourmet gnocchi that will knock the socks off your friends and family

Hand-made, locally produced, organic gnocchi
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Premium Gnocchi Your Friends and Family will love, perfect for any dish

The perfect gnocchi are soft and delicate, with a smooth, silky texture. As experts in the art, Noosa Gnocchi’s dumplings are light, fluffy and melt in the mouths of your diners. Noosa Gnocchi know that the dumplings should never be tough or chewy. Nor should they be soft or fall apart during cooking. Achieving just the right texture and flavour requires a good eye and a deft hand. It’s a skill acquired with time and experience.

Gnocchi options
Gnocchi options

At Noosa Gnocchi, we start by selecting the best organic ingredients from local producers. Our trained eyes search out the finest potato, sweet potato and pumpkin. Then our experienced hands prepare them with love, by peeling, pureeing, cooking and combining them with precise amounts of Himalayan salt and organic flour (including a gluten free option).

The result is delicious dumplings of nourishing goodness that will keep your friends and family coming back for more.

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Why choose Noosa Gnocchi for your next family meal?

Gnocchi is a nourishing and traditional favourite that’s perfect for:

  • Wowing your guests at dinner parties
  • Loading up on healthy, wholesome carbs before sports or athletic events
  • Delicious and healthy family meals
  • Serving drizzled with butter as a canapé
  • Sharing with friends and loved ones
  • Serving with a nutritious and tasty sauce
  • Antipasto platters

Noosa Gnocchi is hand-made in our commercial kitchen at Noosaville. After cooking, the gnocchi are lightly coated with local organic oil, snap frozen and vacuum sealed. Your family will love the silky-smooth texture and delectable flavours. At home, Noosa Gnocchi can be pan fried or baked in the oven. Our process ensures our gnocchi are just the right texture for easy meal prep.

They come in a range of delicious flavours, including gluten free options.

People travel from across Australia and New Zealand to purchase Noosa Gnocchi.

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You can buy direct from us at Noosa & Kawana Farmer’s Markets every week.

​We also supply retailers, restaurants and cooks.

For wholesale pricing and custom made products for your menus, get in touch.